AK47 “Silver Arrow”

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Re: AK47 “Silver Arrow”

Post by AK47 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:16 pm

Not a lot been happening, other than using the Silver Arrow and enjoying it, still able to have the top down, need to wear a scarf and hat now. Heated seats and heating system are both proving worthwhile.
Having found out that there are headlight washers fitted, how do they work - read manual and find no squirt at headlights. Is it pump or aliens? Easy stuff first, get into washer bottle and take it out. What’s that bright blue gunge in the bottom? Wash it all out and clean it all up. Check pump with ohmmeter, couple of ohms showing, so should work. Refit it all and check, N/S nothing, O/S lots of water, but not in correct direction. Pull alien out, only one jet fitted. Plan now is to take front bumper etc off and check pipework is clear of any gunge, then try aliens both sides to confirm serviceability.
Taking Silver Arrow to my local trusted garage for a pre MOT check on Monday, this will then highlight any issues, giving me time to rectify before actual MOT is due in March.

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