Almost necessary

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Almost necessary

Post by HGN CRVZ »

Hello and hoping you all have a good weekend.
I decided that now that I own 2 TT Quattro MK1's I should at least join the TTOC. I am working and living in Tuscany Italy, still experiencing quite a culture shock after being here 12 years. I still do not understand the italian's need to keep cars in stock configuration. As a yank, it is almost a rite of passage to change a car immediately after purchasing. Well, for any respectable motorhead it is. I fit into that category quite easily as well as the never too many horses club.
Currently in my stable I have "Big Brother" a 2004 Lemans Commemorative Edition Z06 Corvette putting 508 to the rear wheels. We won't talk about him right now. More importantly to this audience I have "Little Brother" a 2004 MK1 Quattro Coupe that had a fight with a NIssan Qashqai destroying the front end regrettably deploying both front air bags. The insurance company totaled the car asking me to either keep it or dispose of it. However, they paid me the value of it and I kept LIttle Brother.
So, I decided to keep it as I have been slowly rejuvenating Little Brother since buying him in 2011. The damage was repairable if one were to have a complete shop, space, time, and a lift. OH, and loads of money. My decision was to at least keep the donor parts I have put into Little Brother over the years and save that investment by purchasing a 2001 MK1 Quattro Convertible. aka "Verttro". Sounds better in Italian :D Verttro now has a completely new suspension with adjustable lower arms in the rear, drive line complete with a set of MIchelin PS4's, seats, wiper arms, rear light assemblies, Froge intake pipe, Forge DV, and DV controller valve.
Verttro came to me with aftermarket replica front and rear fascia's of a MK2 in fiberglass. The quality of the pieces are less than I would expect, but who am I after all. I have already ordered new modified headlight assemblies with custom led sequential turn signals and DRL's, keeping the Xenon's of course. I am waiting to install a new top, new silicone coolant hoses with aluminum connecting tubes and a PIoneer AVH-Z7000 DAB head unit with front and rear camera's. Once the weather warms up a bit, I plan on removing the fascia's and reworking the mounting points for a better fit.
As I started out, now with all of this invested into the TT community, it was almost necessary to promote it by joining TTOC. AS I always told my parents "IF it is good enough for big brother, it is good enough for little brother". Rarely did that line work. ;D Cheers

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Re: Almost necessary

Post by Wallsendmag »

Welcome to the club, we definitely need photos.

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Re: Almost necessary

Post by Cloud »

Welcome to the TTOC! :yes:

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Re: Almost necessary

Post by JorgeTTCQ »

Welcome to the Club :)
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Re: Almost necessary

Post by YELLOW_TT »

Welcome two mk1s it’s the future drive a mk1 roadster and quattro Sport

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