Joined today at AITP10

Just arrived here? Come say hello and introduce yourself
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Good evening everyone! I just wanted to post to introduce myself and to thank everyone I met on the stand today at AITP10 for the warm welcome and kind comments on my car!

Well, I'm James and from Kings Lynn and I've had my 8j TTS for a couple of years now but was standard up until January this year! lol! This is my first Audi and I must say that I am enjoying my first foray into Audi ownership!

I will be lurking around on here and hopefully attending more meets in the future! Oh, and thankyou again for allowing me to be on the stand at short notice today, hopefully it wasn't too much of an eyesore there!! ;D
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Welcome along James. Hope you had a good day at AITP. :yes:
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I’m sure you had nothing to worry about with your cars presentation as I had mine on site with it’s wheels pulling it down so helped the rest to shine on show. At least that’s what I’m telling myself after washing it twice due to weather and waking up on sunday seeing it’s been raining heavy again.
Was a nice silver mk1 parked next to me and anyone that came to him he was very happily talking to them.
My wife wasn’t feeling it so I took her down to Deene Park gardens and house to look around and we got trapped by the shower of rain midday.
By the time walked back up it was wrapping up so note to self leave wife at home next time so I can concentrate on the cars.
Was plenty of nice cars around to see and plenty in a slightly neglected state in other stands that made me feel better about mine.
That blue chrome wrapped TT wowzers seeing it on some YouTube videos it’s incredible in the flesh.
Inspiration ways definitely getting TTS front bumper and side skirts. Undecided about window and rear light tints and to debadge or not to debadge or go with black . Still don’t know what colour I’m doing my calipers.

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Nice to meet you yesterday, made a great addition to the orange lineup on the front of the stand! Hopefully get to see you both again at another show soon.


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Great to meet you yesterday welcome to the club.
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Welcome hope you enjoined AITP 10
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hi from scotland
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Hi and welcome to the TTOC
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