New member and I need a garage!

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New member and I need a garage!

Post by U_M_D_C »

So I finally decided to finally buy a TT.

Got the one I want, black leather, mint interior, and in lovely dolomite grey. You know, that grey that reminiscent of the 1995 TTS roadster concept

......but it needs a cambelt change.

.....and the belt driving the alternator is slipping a bit.

.....a lot.

Luckily, this is going to be a weekend project car not my daily driver, so I've time to get it done.

I know the score, the TT Shop are doing it for £420 with the better metal water pump impeller but it's a bit of a drive from Maidstone....

So is there anywhere in Kent that is any good that people have used?

Any TT/Audi Quattro specialist over this way that anyone would recommend?
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Re: New member and I need a garage!

Post by BrianB »

Hi and welcome to the TTOC, sorry can’t help with the garage question but that price from the TT shop sounds good.
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Re: New member and I need a garage!

Post by Cloud »

Hello and welcome.

Dolomite Grey .... the best colour (but of course, I would say that!) 8)

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Re: New member and I need a garage!

Post by Wallsendmag »

I would recommend quattro tech over the TT Shop but they're even further.

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Re: New member and I need a garage!

Post by YELLOW_TT »

Welcome to the OC I wouldn’t go for the metal water pump impeller they run hotter the new plastic used on the impellers is much better and will not fail like the old ones

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