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Just arrived here? Come say hello and introduce yourself
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Hello all, just joined this club after buying a 2002 Mk1 Roadster quattro with BAM engine and Revo Stage 1 remap. No previous with Audi or TT's. This car was bought as a "toy", now that I'm retired and have some time to myself, lady wife is in on this too! Car is pretty much stock apart from re-map, which is part of my buying it! Needs usual "service bits" and cambelt/water pump being replaced next week (my local garage doing this) I'll do remainder of "service bits". Been away from working on cars for a good few years, but have run an Escort XR3i (lowered and full Janspeed manifold/exhaust system), then built and ran a Westfield SE Kent 1600 (rolling road tuned, THAT was scary!!) early 1990s. Recently ran a M-B E320 AMG, now on a M-B C220 AMG (looked after by M-B for service, 'cos it gives me full breakdown cover also), repairs by myself and local garage.
Last working days were with Royal Mail, went to catch up with old colleagues today and realised Quattro-Tech (Peterborough) were on way home, popped in to say hello (the St Ives branch did the re-map).
Will be asking questions as to how to get this off, how to open that etc, etc
Hope to attend a meeting (or two) this year, AITP Northampton (not too far from home), RAF Cosford, spent two years there Jan 1971-Dec 1972 doing my apprenticeship, happy days!!
All for now.
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Hi and welcome to the TTOC, look forward to seeing a few pictures of your TT.
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Welcome to the OC let’s hope for some good roadster weather
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Welcome to the TTOC :yes:
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