1st time TT owner

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1st time TT owner

Post by MrTakis225 »

Hi everyone

Pleased to have joined this group and I'm looking forward to the Meets !!

I recently bought my 1st TT. It's a 2003, BAM engine, 225 TT. Its had some worthwhile Mods but requires some TLC. I am looking forward to having her running sweet and doing some track days.

I've got a few questions to kick off this thread.
1. Any recommendations for a catch can ?
2. Recommendations for engine piping and tubes.
3. Has anyone made upgrades to the haldex to send more power to the rear ?

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing your motors in the new year !

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Re: 1st time TT owner

Post by BrianB »

Hi and welcome to the TTOC :thumbsup:
Nice looking TT, the team dynamics look good, can’t really help on the catch can as not having one myself, although it is popular with some owners.
As for piping and tubing, definitely worth a good inspection of all hoses especially those under the inlet manifold and either replacing with OEM or silicone. Do you think you have some boost leaks? If not still worth considering replacing if original given its age.
On the haldex front, again not something I can advise from experience but there is a powertrak insert you can screw in that provides a constant drive to the rear wheels or there is the HPA touch motion, expensive but provides various modes giving varying percentages of power to the rear wheels and I believe a user defined mode. Comes with a display showing modes etc.
Good luck and enjoy.
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Re: 1st time TT owner

Post by YELLOW_TT »

Welcome to the OC for catch can and hoses I would go with Forge Motorsport not th3 cheapest but defo the best with a life time warranty

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Re: 1st time TT owner

Post by Cloud »

Welcome to the TTOC Chris :yes:

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