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Just arrived here? Come say hello and introduce yourself
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Hi Good Morning.

Newbie here, just saying hi. It's the 1st time I have ever been an a member of a car club.

Reason for Joining, I have just purchased a mk 1 TT (225bhp convertible) from my dad who has owned it from new, he never drove it, so its only got 14k miles on the clock, very nice looking car, as it had a body kit added by a race team when he brought it. It has been sitting on his driveway, only being driven for an MOT - criminal.

There are a few things that need to be sorted on it, its currently in a garage being looked at and they think its a faulty ECU, apparently they have sourced a 2nd hand one, but are cheeking the injection pattern first before replacing

I guess my issue is, its been in the garage for 6 weeks as they are looking at the car as and when they get a spare moment, which isn't often. I really want to get it up and running, so i wondered if anybody could recommend a garage in the Maidstone, Kent area that i could call ?

My Dad is unwell, hence why he sold it, and i would like to take him out in it by mid August for his 77th Birthday.

any help would be appreciated.


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Welcome to the club , I'm a bit far away to know of a mechanic locally but hopefully someone will be along soon.
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Welcome to the OC sorry I’m intense north east so can’t help with your question
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Welcome :)
Sorry I can't help you, I hope yo find a good mechanic soon.

Kind regards,
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Hi, welcome along. Try looking up Car Mechanics magazine, they have a listing of recommended garages across the country. Mag also does a review of a local garage in most editions. Living in NW Cambridgeshire, I can’t give any recommendations, but can vouch for the authenticity of their reviews.
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