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Signature Strips

Post by Wallsendmag » Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:34 am

TTOC Members:

TTOC Signature Strips:

Every TTOC member has a small signature strip picture with their own membershp number ready to use. These strips look like:


To use this image as part of your signature you need to go to your "Profile" from the link on the top right of the forum, then select the "Profile" tab and go to "Edit Signature". From there you can add in the following code to display the picture:

Code: Select all

[img] FORUM USER NAME[/img]
After the 'member=' you need to add your 5 digit member number with ALL the proceeding 0's, so 00001 up to 02000 currently. Without the extra 0's included it will not work.

Also you need to enter your Forum username after the 'user=' part of the code. Please enter your username exactly as it is shown on the forum, INCLUDING and spaces or symbols.

Please make sure you change the '00000' and YOUR FORUM USER NAME' to your own details!

These sigs are also now dynamic and give extra info depending on your membership status. They will alert you when you are nearing the end of your current subscription, either when you are nearing your last issue of the magazine or nearing the end of your year's web membership. They will also then tell you when your membership has expired and need to renew.


If you have got the code incorrect in any way the sig will show as unknown.




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