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Posted: 14 Mar 2012, 13:48
This is an event I've been trying to pull together for a while now, and I can now confirm the details for.

So the plan for the day goes as follows:-

We will congregate at 1000 on Saturday 12th May at the Aspects Leisure Park in Longwell Green, Bristol From there we will cruise to the filming location about 20 miles away, with the cruise being filmed by a professional film crew. On arrival at the National Trust property Dyrham Park, we will make our way through the park to the main house in the valley. Once there we will park up on the gravelled area, immediately in front of the house. We will have the use of the area for some hours so there will be ample time to take photos etc and for the film crew to use their steadicam to get some great footage.

The other main focus of the visit though will be the individual filming of each car whilst it is being driven up/down the access road. This road is approximately 1 mile long, and drops down through the valley to the house. The only vehicle that uses it is the shuttle bus that runs from the main car park at the top to the house (we’d need to pull over for it), so we really should be able to get some great moving shots.

The film crew will use the footage they record and edit it into a DVD which will be sent to each participant. Please note a copy will also be sent to Dyrham Park (National Trust) and made available to TTOC if required.

A set of stills will also be provided to Dyrham, (however number plates will be hidden on these).

Who can come:

Looking at the area in front of the house, it will be necessary to restrict numbers to between 10 and 15 cars. Places will initially be available to TTOC members only until 15th April (3 weeks). After this date though, any remaining places will be available to non-TTOC members as well. Not in the TTOC? Well you can either join now for as little as £15 or get your name put on the reserve list. At the same time as the event is opened to TTF members it will also be offered to other TT owners through the local dealerships.

The cost:

I wish I could say all this will be for free – but I can’t. Based on 15 cars signing up the cost will be £45 per car. This is payable on bookiong unfortunately as I need to pay the National Trust and film crew.

Included in this price is:

• All filming, both group and individual
• A copy of the DVD produced
• A CD of stills
• Entry to the park and gardens at Dyrham Park for 1 person (additional entries at £4.80 each)
• Use of the facilities at Dyrham (toilets, cafe, shop)

Not included:

• Entry to the house at Dyrham – however tickets for this can be purchased on the day

Check out the thread on the TTF Events section for some great shots of the venue, which is just outside Bath on Saturday. I am sure you will agree it is a stunning location.

Confirmed TTOC members:

Arctic Fox

Non TTOC members confirmed if room:

Gary in the R8

Please note I will unfortunately need to ask for payment up front in order to secure your place, which will be non-refundable unless your place can be filled. I will pm those confirmed with how to make payment.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity, let me know – but remember the only way to be sure of a place is to be a TTOC member in the first 15!

If we don’t fill all 15 places it may be necessary to cancel this as the cost for 10 would go up to £55 per head, so come on, get your names down!

Link to Dyrham Park website -
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