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Well I have my 09 tts just over 3 weeks my very first mod has arived today.
New reg plate. PW 53 TTS
My name is Paul Wilkinson I'm not 53 but will be at some point, not too far off.
And of course the car is a TT Sline.
New head unit, with ecu connection, tire pressure monitor is on its way will send pictures when it comes and again when fitted.
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Great mod :yes: , waiting for your pics.

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Good start what’s next ?
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Morning all,
Here is next installment...
So first we had a little hick up last week, engine management light error code P0441 turns out to be low fuel pressure. so i changed the fuel filter, after all when i picked the car up the fuel needle did not move so it was a little low on fuel.
Reset the light and off we go.... The next the light is back, same code...
after a bit of a google it turns out to be the evap valve. i am sure most of you will know if you blow though an evap valve you should be able to blow 1 way and very restricted the other. the one i removed you could blow both ways with ease.
so replaced the evap valve and all lights a re clear again.

Now about the next mod.
The stereo head unit i have put in a android head unit with so many features.
One of which is using a Torque ELM 327 Bluetooth V1.5 OBD2 OBDII i can now manage the ECU real time.
So now i am ready to start playing.
Not sure what should be next on my list.
I want to replace all the hoses with white ones (any idea's on sources welcome.)
Induction kits ?
I think i am right in saying that the RS brakes will fit straight on?
Then the exhaust system.
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