Online meeting of Audi owners in Japan

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Sid H
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Let me inform the dearest TTOC members the annual event of 2020 AAA(the All Audi Ass0ciate) meeting in Japan will be held on next month.. Thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, this year it will be via online chat party on the "Min-Cara" instead of actual meeting as every year.
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*AAA(the All Audi Ass"0"ciate) is the one of the biggest Audi owners club in Japan.
*"Min-Cara (みんカラ)" is also the one of the biggest car social media in Japan, and it means 'our car life'.

The dates that this event are being held on are from 19th September through 27th September.
The most exiting day of the event will be held on 20th September..(JST)

If you become interested in this, please access to the following url (Sorry, Japanese only).

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