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Its probably a bit late in the day to be posting this as April has come and gone and so has most of May!

I organised a motorcycle run up to Glasson in early April. Looking art two of the previous posts in particular, its maybe worth noting

a. there are loos but you need pay with change - if I recall its maybe 40p or 50p

b. that huge car park now has charges on - bizarrely you CAN'T pay with coins - we had to pay via phone a few weeks before (which I think is a real faff). Some older folk (- hmmmm maybe i'm classed as one of them now -) couldn't fathom it out and just left which isn't fair i.e. that people are effectively being turned away just because of this. Presumably they'd already have been caught by the ANPR? Its not super obvious that payment is needed, so much so that a mate of mine has just had a £100 "invoice" through the post - reduced to £60 ish for prompt payment, for sticking his car on there for an hour or so.
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Thanks for the information Dave. The car park no cash rule makes it not viable for me now, so it's good to know. It's cash or nothing for me I'm afraid! It's a shame, I'm sure it will put a lot of people off visiting now. :thumbsdown:
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